Our Clients' Comments

Fast-O-Kill Pest Control has made a marked difference to my family's enjoyment of our home. A prompt service to address an ant and spider problem using their organic products has eliminated our insect problem. In addition to it's professionalism and integrity, we have been impressed with their commitment to excellent customer service.

I would definitely recommend Fast-O-Kill Pest Control to everyone! This is a very reliable and trustworthy company. They are always prompt and take pride in their work. I have used them for several years, and have always been happy with their service. We live bug free because of them!


Providing Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services Whole GTA Area

Fast-O-Kill Pest Control Services

Fast-O-Kill Pest Control services, provide a professional pest control service to cover both residential and industrial premises. From inspection to identification, treatment to guarantee our service offers you a quick resolution to a problem.

Residential Pest Control Services

We are able to carry out a wide range of different treatments for pests in and around residential properties, these will include:

Call us and we will send one of our trained and experienced technician to your home to identify the pest causing you a problem. technician will evaluate your issues and recommend the safest and most effective treatment for the pest. After all, we want to rid your home of pests, creating a healthy environment for your family.

Commercial Pest Control Services

At Fast-O-Kill, we understand that pest control in an commercial environment demands quick response to problems and effective solutions. Insect and rodent pests can lead to lost revenue.

No business should take chances when it comes to selecting a pest control service. Fast-O-Kill is helping businesses:

  • Maintain a pest free environment;
  • Save valuable time and money;
  • Improve employee morale, safety and productivity;
  • Comply with Health Department rules and regulations.

We receive both classroom and on-the-job training and are required to pass stringent tests. We have access to the very latest technology and equipment to ensure that we can find and eliminate pest problems quickly, effectively and safely.